Treatments & Services I offer a wide variety of treatments



Elemis Advanced Anti-ageing

Pro Glow Resurfacing precision peel
60 minutes £65.00

Clinically proven* to target the signs of ageing and uneven skin tone, this pioneering precision treatment uses layers of enzymes for powerful exfoliation and renewal. A new start for smoother, younger looking skin. *Independent Clinical Trials

ELEMIS Pro Glow Smooth
60 minutes £65.00

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with the clinically proven* age-defying benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Coral. Targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function for nourished, younger looking skin. *Independent Clinical Trials

ELEMIS Pro Glow Contour Lift and Contour
60 minutes £65

Powered by breakthrough technology, this facial helps restore the architecture of the face using the potent nutrients in plant actives found to help support the extra-cellular matrix. Creates a profoundly sculpted, youthful effect.

ELEMIS Skin Solutions

ELEMIS Pro Glow Brilliance
60 minutes £55.00

A nutritional boost rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Clinically proven* to leave skin plumper, radiant and lit up with good health. *Independent Clinical Trials.

ELEMIS Pro Glow Calming
60 minutes £55.00

Fragile skin needs special attention. A soothing massage technique helps reduce the appearance of redness and protect against daily stresses. Texture and moisture levels are dramatically restored. Skin is left supremely soothed, comfortable and calm.

60 minutes £55.00

A revelation for oily, congested or hormonal skin. This mattifying facial helps combat oil and shine, while intuitive massage helps restore micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment for clear, bright skin.

Skin specific facial
50 minutes £50.00

A therapeutic facial that combines the power of true aromatherapy with Eastern massage techniques.

Body Treatments

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind


Elemis powerful aromatherapy oils combined with deep tissue massage techniques * please allow an extra 10 minutes for a consultation*

Choose your own combination
I believe in treating you as an individual so I will work on which areas you need help with the most.
Examples; Back, neck and shoulders. Back, neck shoulders, arms, face and scalp. Back, neck, shoulders, feet. Backs of legs, back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp.

30 minutes £32
40 minutes £36
60 minutes £48
70 minutes £55
90 minutes £63

Deeper than deep stones from £38 (see complimentary therapy for details)

Indian head massage £32 (see complimentary therapy for details)

Full leg £28.00
Full leg and bikini £32.00
Half leg £19
Half leg and bikini £23.50
Half leg, bikini and u-arms £34.00
Bikini £14.00
Underarms £14
Forearms £16.00
Lip or Chin £10.00
Lip and chin £13.00
Face £16.00
Back £20.00
Eyebrows £11.00

Body Treatments
Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet

Standard and Shellac pedicure

Hands and Feet:
File & polish using Zoya or OPI

Standard manicure
Nails filed and soaked in a bowl, cuticles trimmed, hand and arm massage paint

Standard pedicure
Nails cut and filed, cuticles trimmed, soaked in pedicure spa bowl, massage, hard skin removal, foot massage, choice of Zoya or OPI varnish. £30.00

Shellac manicure (Includes a full Manicure)
Read more about Shellac by clicking onto 'about me'.

Nails filed, cuticles trimmed, application of shellac polish and hand massage £31.00

Shellac pedicure (Includes a full Pedicure)
Nails filed, cuticles trimmed, hard skin removal, application of shellac polish and foot massage £33.00

Complete removal of shellac (Includes a mini manicure or mini pedicure)
Removal of polish, nails filed, cuticle care, hand massage/foot massage, nails buffed £20.00


Shape and tint

Eyelash tint £17.00
Eyebrow tint £10.00
Eyebrow shape £11.00
Eye package - eyelash tint, eyebrow tint, eyebrow shape £28

Complimentary Therapy

Complimentary Therapy

Complimentary Therapy

Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage
30 minutes £38
60 minutes £60

Balinese stones bathed in the Frangipani Monoi Body Oil are worked deep into the muscles, getting into areas of tension. The result is sparkling vitality with the added bonus of intensely hydrated skin.

Warm Bamboo Massage
30 minutes £38
60 minutes £60
Warm hollow bamboo canes are used to roll and knead the tissues to help alleviate muscle tension, aches and pains

Hot stone and Warm Bamboo Massage Combo
30 minutes £38
60 minutes £60

A combination of hot stones and warm Bamboo massage

30 mins £32.00
40 mins £37.00

A therapeutic massage including areas of the neck, shoulders, scalp, and face. Helpful with stress, migraines, headaches, aches, pains, sinus congestion and sleeping problems.

First treatment includes 30 minute consultation £43.00
Continual treatments 45 mins/ 1 hour £38.00

A holistic healing treatment using specific pressure point techniques, which work on precise reflex areas on the feet to correspond with all body parts. Most clients should benefit from a course of 4-6 treatments- although this is not necessarily a requirement for all.

1 hour £46
Back massage with half hour Reiki £50

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways allowing life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.
The benefit; balances body’s energy, supports the body’s natural ability to heal, increases awareness. Amplifies energy, works on casual level of disease, releases stress and promotes relaxation.