COVID-19 Due to COVID-19 there are now safety measures that will now have it take place within my business.

In order to ensure your visit is as safe as possible, please find some guidelines that are compliant with COVID-19 regulations within my establishment.

1) There will be a Sanitising Station as you walk into the hall. This will have a hand sanitiser, sanitising spray, antibacterial wipes, gloves and masks. Please note these masks are for you to use. I would kindly appreciate and require that you use the one I am offering and not your own. These masks are 3 ply and have been approved.

2) The bathroom will have anti bacterial wash, hand sanitiser, and disposable towels with a foot pedal bin.

3) Anyone having a pedicure will have their own labelled bag. This bag will stay with me and contain your own nail file, orange stick etc.

4) ANYTHING which may have come in to contact with hands etc will be cleaned with sterilising spray/wipes after each client. i.e. door bell, toilet, sink, couch, chair, personal belonging container, door handles etc.

5) Anyone arriving on a bike, I will make sure that you have access to my garage (This is a different garage to the one attached to the house). The door handle will be cleaned after each use.

6) I will allocate 15 minutes after each of you to clean everything down. As much I love people arriving early, unfortunately I will not be ready for you until your appointment time.

7) Taking temperature: as reading of thermometers can be variable I will not be investing in an infra red thermometer unless stated that I must. I will be asking you though to please take your temperature before you arrive to me, and reschedule your appointment if you have any symptoms.

8) The window and the french doors will be open as much as possible to allow air to flow freely throughout the room.